Q2-dependence of backward pion multiplicity in neutrino–nucleus interactions

O. Benhar, S. Fantoni, G.I. Lykasov, U. Sukhatme
2002 Physics Letters B  
The production of pions emitted backward in inelastic neutrino-nucleus interactions is analyzed within the impulse approximation in the framework of the dual parton model. We focus on the Q^2-dependence of the multiplicity of negative pions, normalized to the total cross section of the reaction ν + A →μ + X. The inclusion of planar (one-Reggeon exchange) and cylindrical (one-Pomeron exchange) graphs leads to a multiplicity that decreases as Q^2 increases, in agreement with recent measurements
more » ... rried out at CERN by the NOMAD collaboration. A realistic treatment of the high momentum tail of the nucleon distribution in a nucleus also allows for a satisfactory description of the semi-inclusive spectrum of backward pions.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(02)01164-4 fatcat:62ayubgwe5cerl3s4lw4sgbouq