Quantum Conditional Strategies for Prisoners' Dilemmata Under the Ewl Scheme [post]

Konstantinos Giannakis, Georgia Theocharopoulou, Christos Papalitsas, Sofia Fanarioti, Theodore Andronikos
2019 unpublished
Classic game theory is an important field with a long tradition of useful results. Recently, the quantum versions of classical games, such as the Prisoner's Dilemma (PD), have attracted a lot of attention. Similarly, state machines and specifically finite automata have also been under constant and thorough study for plenty of reasons. The quantum analogues of these abstract machines, like the quantum finite automata, have been studied extensively. In this work, we examine some well-known game
more » ... nditional strategies that have been studied within the framework of the repeated PD game. Then, we try to associate these strategies to proper quantum finite automata that receive them as inputs and recognize them with probability 1, achieving some interesting results. We also study the quantum version of PD under the Eisert-Wilkens-Lewenstein scheme, proposing a novel conditional strategy for the repeated version of this game.
doi:10.20944/preprints201905.0366.v1 fatcat:jsqmrszy7fg3jfejllw3m23kc4