2018 Historical and social-educational ideas  
Analyzing the background and conceptual basis of social dependency, the article notes that the phenomenon of «social dependency» has a long history and has received the greatest development in the period of prosperity of economic opportunities of the state. For the national history it was typical for the period of development of the «paternalistic» model of social security. The article presents theoretical and applied approaches to the formulation of the concepts of «social dependency» and
more » ... al parasitism», the differences between them. The categories of the population most exposed to social dependency and parasitism are identified. Social dependency is analyzed in the article as a structural phenomenon, a specific way of life, or such social behavior of an individual in which he consciously (deliberately) seek to secure an acceptable standard of living in society at the expense of the same society. The objective causes of this negative phenomenon of social society are systematized. The methods of studying this phenomenon are shown and the techniques that contribute to the reduction of dependency are characterized. Among the quantitative methods, such as changes in the value of the subsistence minimum, control over the target expenditure of funds. Qualitative methods are stimulating, actively introduced in the field of labor. The article systematizes management mechanisms that can reduce this undesirable anti-social process.
doi:10.17748/2075-9908-2018-10-3/1-172-178 fatcat:pe6bmpfdnzepzgtsuiq6ioexre