Transesterification of camelina sativa oil with supercritical alcohol mixtures

Yingqiang Sun, Sundaravadivelnathan Ponnusamy, Tapaswy Muppaneni, Harvind K. Reddy, Jun Wang, Zheling Zeng, Shuguang Deng
2015 Energy Conversion and Management  
1 The transesterification of camelina sativa oil with methanol -1-butanol, and 2 ethanol -1-butanol alcohol mixtures under supercritical conditions have been studied 3 in order to maximize biodiesel yield and improve biodiesel quality. The influence of 4 the variation of the molar ratio of methanol-1-butanol and ethanol-1-butanol from 1:0, 5 3:1, 2:1, 1:1, 1:2, to 0:1 on the yield of free fatty methyl esters/free fatty ethanol esters 6 free fatty acid butyl esters, the composition of the
more » ... el blend mixtures, and the 7 physical properties of the biodiesel have been investigated at the reaction temperature 8 of 290 o C, reaction time of 30 minutes, and the initial reaction pressure of 500 psi. A 9 maximum yield of 86.14 wt% for free fatty acid methyl esters-free fatty acid butyl 10 esters with the optimum cold property can be obtained at the molar ratio of 11 methanol-1-butanol of 0.5-0.9. Also, a maximum yield of 85.60 wt% for free fatty 12 ethyl estersfree fatty butyl esters with the lowest pour point can be achieved at the 13 molar ratio of ethanol-1-butanol in the range of 0.5-0.7. 14 15 16 supercritical conversion 17 18 Biodiesel is defined as a fuel composed by mono-alkyl esters of long chain fatty 40 acids from vegetable oils or animal fats [11]. It can be produced by transesterification 41 of short carbon chain alcohol with vegetable oils or animal fats, micro emulsions, and 42 thermal cracking (pyrolysis) [12]. The expensive cost of biodiesel production and 43 competition of food demand with biodiesel production are the limitations for practical 44 use of biodiesel. The right feedstock can significantly reduce the production cost, 45 because of the cost of raw materials accounts for about 60% -80% of the total [13]. 46 Camelina, also known as false flax or goldofpleasure, has drawn much attention 47
doi:10.1016/j.enconman.2015.05.056 fatcat:wtauwvcz4vespezyqvrtoc5oti