Research on geometrical parameters effect of fan nozzle jet performance based on orthogonal experiment

Xudong Shi, Guijia Jiang, Bing Wei, Xiangfen Kong
2019 The Journal of Engineering  
In order to determine the significance and importance order of the jet performance caused by fan nozzle's geometric parameters of aero-engine online cleaning equipment, the orthogonal experiment method, standard k-ɛ turbulence model and volume of fluid (VOF) two-phase flow algorithm are used to research the jet of fan nozzle. The sensitivity of nozzle contraction angle, nozzle area ratio, nozzle incision angle, nozzle exit thickness and offset to the influence of fan nozzle spray angle was
more » ... ied by range analysis and variance analysis. The results of the two analysis methods consistently show that the main order of influence of the geometric parameters of fan nozzle on spray angle is nozzle area ratio, nozzle incision angle, nozzle exit thickness, offset and nozzle convergence angle. The former two have more influence on the spray angle than the others. Finally, the simulation results and orthogonal test results are verified by the injection experiment of the fan nozzle. The jet shape is mainly determined by the nozzle area ratio and incision angle. The larger the incision angle and the nozzle area ratio are, the smaller the spray angle becomes.
doi:10.1049/joe.2018.8971 fatcat:olslt5y5afeh5lgjq6stmwsaa4