Study and Realization of Auto Testing Device for Protection Against Electric Shock

Peipei Li, Yi Zhao, Yanfeng Yang, Jianyu Hu, Yong Liu
2020 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
In this paper, the microcontroller STM32F407 is used as the control core. The automatic detection device for protection against electric shock is designed and produced. The mechanism and characteristics of residual energy which is generated by the power cut-off at peak voltage are analyzed. This study has accomplished the design of peak voltage power cutoff and residual energy measurement system, software programming and hardware circuit construction, and displaying residual voltage and
more » ... energy value through the touch screen. The device has stable performance and simple operation, and can accurately detect the residual voltage and energy value of electronic, electrical equipment and medical equipment. It has great significance for testing institutions and enterprises. 2 method has great limitations. It can only perform the power cut-off action, but the remaining energy after the power cut-off cannot be measured. The ability to balance the residual energy test is only in the theoretical research, and no mature detection device has been developed in the market. At present, some laboratories use the plug of the power plug to disconnect the power supply. The digital multimeter and even the pointer meter are used to measure the residual voltage between the plugs. In addition, the laboratory uses a storage oscilloscope to record the residual voltage. To ensuring the safety of the inspector, a floating oscilloscope or an isolation transformer is required to power up the oscilloscope or sample.This test method is too random, and the test results would be deviated. The test usually needs to be repeated several times to obtain the test data close to the power cut-off at peak voltage. In addition, reading the residual voltage value from the oscilloscope screen is not affected by many factors such as burrs.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1449/1/012020 fatcat:ja7tso4tv5hhrch4z3lwjmzi2u