Learning cross-lingual phonological and orthagraphic adaptations: a case study in improving neural machine translation between low-resource languages

Saurav Jha, Akhilesh Sudhakar, Anil Kumar Singh
2019 Journal of Language Modelling  
1 There is no consensus about the meaning of the word 'Hindi' and so different scholars have different views. For example, some other sub-languages like Rajasthani, Maithili and Magahi are also often included in the Hindi spectrum. However, the usual meaning of the word 'Hindi' in literature refers to standard Hindi, whose base is Khari Boli and which is an official language of India. 2
doi:10.15398/jlm.v7i2.214 fatcat:dztyzz3iizf3vo4zktx7yj33s4