Deformation of an inner valence molecular orbital in ethanol by an intense laser field

Hiroshi Akagi, Tomohito Otobe, Ryuji Itakura
2019 Science Advances  
Valence molecular orbitals play a crucial role in chemical reactions. Here, we reveal that an intense laser field deforms an inner valence orbital (10a′) in the ethanol molecule. We measure the recoil-frame photoelectron angular distribution (RFPAD), which corresponds to the orientation dependence of the ionization probability of the orbital, using photoelectron-photoion coincidence momentum imaging with a circularly polarized laser pulse. Ab initio simulations show that the orbital deformation
more » ... depends strongly on the laser field direction and that the measured RFPAD cannot be reproduced without taking the orbital deformation into account. Our findings suggest that the laser-induced orbital deformation occurs before electron emission on a suboptical cycle time scale.
doi:10.1126/sciadv.aaw1885 fatcat:k73dttrab5eytji6ul34mt5izm