Trends in the Development of Machinery and Associated Technology

Gazdić, Dinko Babić
2008 unpublished
This paper refers to a polyaniline produced by the direct oxidizing method at 0ºC. There were performed two controlled dopings of polyaniline with hydrochloric acid (HCl). Resistance of the samples was measured within the temperature interval from 10 K to 290 K, in the process of cooling and heating. The conductivity exponent 1/2 was calculated from the functional dependency of the sample resistance from the temperature. After the second deprotonation carried out, with two various
more » ... rious concentrations of ammonium water solution (0,2M and 2M), and the repeated controllable doping with HCl, it was shown that there occurs a change in the resistance dependency of all samples in this series, and in this case the exponent of electrical conductivity has the value of 2/5 which corresponds to the 3d mechanism of electricity conduction. These results are in accordance with the Fogler, Teber and Shklovskii theory, published in 2004, and represent the first experimental confirmation of the above mentioned theory.