The Association of obesity with postoperative hypoxia: A meta-analysis

Yang Ting, Liu Bin, Muhammad Saqib Mudabbar
2021 Anaesthesia, Pain & Intensive Care  
Post-operative hypoxia is a fairly common clinical complication with severe consequences that can result in permanent organ damage, increased morbidity, increased cost, poor prognosis, and increased fatality. To effectively understand the factors that contribute to such a disease, we conducted a study to determine if obesity is a risk factor of post-operative hypoxia. A thorough search for articles was conducted on various databases. A total of 15658 potential studies were identified out of
more » ... h 8 were included in this meta-analysis. Data was extracted and analyzed which included 2500 subjects; 1265 subjects in the obese group, and 1235 subjects in the lean group. The combined effect size was 0.19. The results showed that the incidence of post-operative hypoxia in obese was not significantly higher than the lean patients. In conclusion, the meta-analysis reveals that there is no significant correlation between obesity and postoperative hypoxia. Key words: Meta-analysis; Hypoxia; Obesity; Postoperative; Risk factor Citation: Ting Y, Bin L. Association of obesity with postoperative hypoxia: A meta-analysis. Anaesth. Pain intensive care 2021;25(1):55-62. DOI: 10.35975/apic.v25i1.1335 Received: 18 February 2020, Reviewed: 16 March 2020, Accepted: 30 April 2020
doi:10.35975/apic.v25i1.1335 fatcat:j6tifxupqrewvdtr2vd56cq5ay