The Nanaimo Free Press [Friday, January 24, 1913] [article]

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Ui» pro>er AAI / Moaa waa preeent at the A.1 tiuel, the e>entng paaeinif , qulcly. Everyone wae a lib the decorations, the r 'white colors enl.lenmticul of 1 We class, lonuing a pretty i color. The waiters, too, (ice and armlets of the sai his-, wbich boighirned thW A> ENTERKRISINQ FIHM. . J. H.-Oood A Co-, tbesn-terprisbOK house furnishers, hsvecuoi IpMed their JMiw warehouse on Fr»-_____ !*«■ street, and the hsiwliiorte two ■ Vd d half story buUdin* yhflecu Londutv, Jan. ;il.-rbe Board of
more » ... it on jTrade rtfKulaiions which wlU he is-jwhd have finiahn^ so tpiidgij^ the [sued and become operative Mareh 1, work only provide that all British seagoing »*r. Corrugated Ir^p ehips carry life boats .nh in..JH,vina sides sad roof A tits |]y|^Etises which the opposition members repUsd to ' the speech of the I-rsmier, sad afterwards dbaus^gl the Lttbor and -Va-"" 'o any val questions. wotoan Iwdng thus provktHl for when Mr. .John Msec, M.I».I*. lor Nsnnl-,i^ulnese wm over. aoirbre countenances. its kind ever presenttd to the BrlDtah Z!!*"" " "•» "f »>U usual bright ...,1 , Columbia house, he rejoiced that he ^ ,* ndiiti«gon, which , had not been a member in former " <« an aimoun-Quirk .Wliglitcd with#' 'j'reni to llaten to the others. I-rom licking Hendolcro. striking I . perlty throughout the province -sas " ' "-•" 'ce one must p,.nsivc note in Ihe eobli : ' allegert. but this he dreied to 1* wer Tne Hsilor s tireve." ranted by any prevailing conditions. promise ly interesting was Mr. I The capita! class 'might be-prospee-t. rj'retatl.m of •Humor, PEACE ENVOYS RtX'ALfLFai. sDd those Steamers Consuntinopie. Jmi. 'M.-AU hope i";nrOct. 31 ( peace in. tto llslh-B. bs. be« dto-^ weather, fcliatod wh,® the new ca .Inet deciiM to carry 75 reraU envoya tmuieiliateiy. nuiiiher ,J perrons --------T^vs are mmarontly do-to be carried. Passenoer « »ls and lake dayUght cond Boor l OEATHLEHC (Tmltiod to odntlmie the » "tI RKS killing OFKU.UALS. ) feet^ The ground ^the ujiholetery I mg place UhtU the dt«an(|^f eU-j compel th^rj||(|{i?' al to the | BAL ANCE SHEETT. The third This reupM with the ; of pensions, waa « bint to the__ . but ndetyai. showed 90 peb cent Columbia to hurry np solo Into which he throws /»«-dMcr action .until they consult thf •of the populatbrn lo be composed of ."" ConBervatlve party. j^tic aoul and abandon. thJ smbassadora of the powers. A lortho wage workers, and he denied ' "'Bdihg for popuUrtty and dience Insisted upon two p#tww elgn olHre official haa recelvod hdor-4hat spy prosperity existed ln thta <*ld not the govorameeit bringing the dimcult •Oyi#"'* ' ination of the'kUHng of Narim. Hio class, of which he was a roenmer. ^ had not Increased in prop,u--, on rivere, ___ ______ ___ _______ have boats and life rafts sulflcieot B«:c is aUo fully oorepied wUh fur-Secretary R, Naylor rand the hal ier 10 per c.-nt of the passengers cOr-miture. and the premises may yol '^t®* •*>«»*; showing that the chib was London, Jun. 21.-Buneg says, tilled of which they are capable of require extension if trade cimtinues • good substaatlal edndition as , •Apparently our only couree is lo carrylnit. ' to incronse «t such a rapid and .regard# teanccs. A stntament of rasume the war jmd vv» must acguini;-
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