A new species of the genus Tylototriton (Caudata, Salamandridae) from Guangdong, southern China, with discussion on the subgenera and species groups within the genus

Zhi-Tong Lyu, Jian Wang, Zhao-Chi Zeng, Jia-Jun Zhou, Shuo Qi, Han Wan, You-Yu Li, Ying-Yong Wang
2021 Vertebrate zoology  
In this work, a new species of the genus Tylototriton is described from Guangdong, southern China. Tylototriton sini sp. nov. was recorded as T. asperrimus for decades, and was indicated to represent an independent lineage based on recent molecular phylogenetic analyses. After detailed molecular analysis and morphological comparisons, Tylototriton sini sp. nov. is recognized as a distinct species which can be clearly distinguished from all known congeners by a combination of morphological
more » ... teristics and the significant divergence in the mitochondrial gene. Because the genus Tylototriton is of high conservation concern and all formally described members are protected by law, we also provide first data on the conservation status and recommendations for IUCN categorization for Tylototriton sini sp. nov. A suggestion on the species groups division of the genus Tylototriton is also provided based on their morphological differences and phylogenetic relationships.
doi:10.3897/vz.71.e73563 doaj:fd365e4ca9db42f38b8b5214f3fe6fcf fatcat:mcaqzhifwvf2zmmr7o5ftq2zeu