Target Height Measurement under Complex Multipath Interferences without Exact Knowledge on the Propagation Environment

Yuan Liu, Hongwei Liu
2022 Remote Sensing  
This paper investigates the direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation-based target localization problem using an array radar under complex multipath propagation scenarios. Prevalent methods may suffer from performance degradation due to the deterministic signal model mismatch, especially when the exact knowledge of a propagation environment is unavailable. To cope with this problem, we first establish an improved signal model of multipath propagation for low-angle target localization scenarios,
more » ... e the dynamic nature of convoluted interferences induced by complex terrain reflections is taken into account. Subsequently, an iterative implementation-based target localization algorithm with the improved propagation model is proposed to eliminate the detrimental effect of coherent interferences on target localization performance. Compared to existing works, the proposed algorithm can maintain satisfactory estimation performance in terms of target location parameters, even in severe multipath interference conditions, where the decorrelation preprocessing and accurate knowledge about the multipath propagation environment are not required. Both simulation and experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed propagation model and localization algorithm.
doi:10.3390/rs14133099 doaj:d9d3d9cade31402980b18380f30d87da fatcat:ard5ujktlngcpcacow2ral2fy4