CLXXVIII.—The methylation of quercetin

Arthur George Perkin
1913 Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions  
WHEREAS in 1884 Herzig (Monntsh., 5, 72) observed that quercetin could not be completely methylated by means of methyl iodide and alkali, v. Kostanecki and Dreher, as the result of their experiments with the monohydroxyxanthones (Rer., 1893, 26, 76), showed that although the methyl ethers of the 2-, 3-, and 4-compounds could be readily prepared by this method, the 1-hydroxyxanthone in which the hydroxyl is adjacent to the carbonyl group was thus not affected. I n relation also t o the
more » ... anthone, chrysin, Kostanecki states (Bey., 1893, 26, 2901), "Dass im Chrysin beim methyliren ein Hydroxyl unangeriffen bleibt . . . das Hydroxyl welches im Orthostellung steht, sich nicht methyliren lasst." Alizarin (Schunck and Marchlewski, T., 1894, 65, 185) behaves similarly, and, indeed, this property has been so generally observed in the case of aromatic hydroxy-ketones and acids that the resist-
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