A comunicação científica em museus de ciência e o papel do mediador [thesis]

Tassiana Fernanda Genzini de Carvalho
CARVALHO, T.F.G.; The scientific communication in science museums and the role of human mediation. Master's dissertation. University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2012. Museums have existed since Ancient Greece, but only recently, mainly starting in the 20th century, people have begun to notice the educational dimension that can be developed inside museums. Since then, curators have been concerned about resignifying the objects exhibited, thinking about the content they carry. There is a gap
more » ... between the intentions of the creators of an exhibit and the possible interpretations of the visitors, and the role of the mediators is to bridge this gap. These mediators are, in general, undergraduate students who often improvise, creating a repertory of examples, analogies and explanations to bring visitors closer to the scientific content of the exhibit. In this paper we analyze the mediators working at USP's Estação Ciência (The University of São Paulo's Science Station), the type of resources they make use of and their intentions when building their discourses, so that we can finally understand the production process of these discourses (which try to convey scientific knowledge). For that we rely on Chevallard's didactic transposition and Bernstein's pedagogic discourse theories, with the understanding that the museum is a space that fosters the building of concepts and promotes the types of social interaction that are capable of stimulating learning, referencing Vygostky's vision of what learning is about. The results of this analysis enabled us to conclude that several discourses and brands of knowledge can influence the production of a mediator's discourse; however, the production process of this discourse is only slightly conscious and deliberative when it comes to conveying knowledge. This points to the necessity of investing in the preparation of these professionals.
doi:10.11606/d.81.2012.tde-30052012-160108 fatcat:zcp5ttir5ner7n4sf2x6qnynjy