Bilgi Toplama ile Reklam Şüpheciliği Arasındaki İlişki: Yetkisiz İkincil Bilgi Kullanımı ve Ürün Kalitesinin Seri Aracılık Rolü

Çağla Pınar Bozoklu, Erkan Yıldız
2019 Journal of Yasar University  
Nowadays, information privacy concept has become one of the most important problem in terms of business ethics. Information privacy is the ability of a person to control over her/ his personal information. The aim of this research is to test the relationship between information collection and ad skepticism with the serial mediating role of unauthorized secondary use of information and product/service quality. In the research, 1157 participants were reached through the online and the paper-pen
more » ... estionnaires by convenient and snowball sampling methods. The research sample was mostly composed of the young consumers (age between 18-25) with the university diploma at least. SEM's Partial Least Squares (PLS-SEM) approach is carried out for the test of the research model by using Smart PLS 3.2.8 statistic program. According to R2 values, unauthorized secondary use of information, product/ service quality and ad skepticism were explained as 6%, 4% and 12% respectively. After the model test, it is ascertained that information collection enhances the concerns about unauthorized secondary use of it. In the relationship between information collection and ad skepticism, unauthorized secondary use of information triggers the ad skepticism although this effect is suppressed by the high quality perception of the products/ services.
doi:10.19168/jyasar.627085 fatcat:r6tmwq2oxff6tndaha5aey24m4