Clinical observation of corneal plastic mirror in the treatment of adolescent myopia

Kun-Li, Juan Peng, Jian-Zhou Ma, Dan-Yu Gao
2019 Guoji Yanke Zazhi  
AIM: To evaluate the clinical effect and safety of orthokeratology for minor to moderate myopia in adolescents.METHODS:Sixty-three adolescent patients with mild to moderate myopia were selected in our hospital from January 2016 to January 2018. Visual acuity, corneal curvature, central corneal thickness, diopter, macular retinal thickness, axial length, intraocular pressure, tear film rupture time, corneal staining and complications were observed before and after wearing glasses for 1wk, 1, 6mo
more » ... ses for 1wk, 1, 6mo and 1a respectively.RESULTS: There were significant differences in naked vision, diopter, corneal curvature and tear film rupture time before and after wearing glasses in this group(P<0.001). And there were no differences in axial length, central corneal thickness, macular retinal thickness and intraocular pressure(P>0.05).CONCLUSION: Corneal plastic lens is a safe and effective non-surgical method for myopia correction in adolescents at the stage of growth and development.
doi:10.3980/j.issn.1672-5123.2019.9.44 doaj:14a1323746254a0cbeb8af742174898d fatcat:aviteunmuff25ik56mbxzea53a