Surface water supply of Hawaii, 1948-49 [report]

1952 unpublished
PUBLICATIONS the month. The "total runoff in million gallons" is the sum of the daily flows, and the "total runoff in acre-feet" is computed from the total monthly discharges in million gallons. Peak discharges, above a determined base, with the times of their occurrence, are given below the table of monthly discharge for most stations. ACCURACY OF FIELD DATA AKD COMPUTED RESULTS The accuracy of stream-flow data depends primarily (1) on the permanency of the stagedischarge relation and (2) on
more » ... e accuracy of observation of stage, measurements of flow, and interpretation of records. A general statement under "Remarks" gives the accuracy of records, the terms "excellent," "good," "fair," and "poor" Indicating that the record is probably accurate within 5, 10, 15, and 20 percent, respectively. It should be borne in mind that the observation in each succeeding year may be expected to throw new light on data previously published. Computations are carried to not more than three significant figures, except that monthly and yearly total runoff (million gallons and acre-feet) above 10,000 are carried to four significant figures. PUBLICATIONS The following table lists, by years and numbers, the papers on the surface water supply of Hawaii published during the period 1903-49 and, used in conjunction with the list of stations maintained, which is given in Water-Supply Paper 795, provides a convenient index for finding the data for any station. Except as indicated, the year or years covered by each report begin July 1 and end of June 30. The data for any particular station will be found in the reports covering the years during which that station was maintained, unless, owing to undeveloped rating curves, publication was postponed. Occasionally data are revised and republished in later papers. Miscellaneous discharge measurements made during any year at points other than regular gaging stations are included in the data published for that year. Numbers of water-supply papers containing data on the surface water supply of Hawaii,
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