Thin film single halo (SH) SOI nMOSFETs - hot carrier reliability for mixed mode applications

N. Din, V.R. Rao, J. Vasi
TENCON 2003. Conference on Convergent Technologies for Asia-Pacific Region  
Absrracr-In this paper, for the first time, we report a study on the hot carrier reliability performance of Single Halo (SH) thin film Silicon-on-Insulators (SOI) nMOSFETs for mixed signal applications. The single halo structure has a high pocket impurity concentration near the source, end of the chandel and a low impurity concentration in the rest of the channel. Besides having excellent dc output characteristics, better Va -L roll-off control, lower DIBL, higher breakdown voltages and kink
more » ... oltages and kink free operation, these devices show higher ac transconductance, higher output resistance and better dynamic intrinsic gain (g,R.). The experimental results show that SH SO1 MOSFETs exhibit a lower hot canier degradation in small-signal. transconductance and dynamic output resistance, in comparison with the conventional (CON) homogeneously doped SO1 MVSFETs. From 2-D device simulations, the lower hot camer degradation mechanism in SH-SO1 MVSFETs are analyzed and compared with the conventional SO1 MOSFETs
doi:10.1109/tencon.2003.1273241 fatcat:3v3hzaypl5d5de5y7jc34bkyzy