An Overview of the Water Remediation Potential of Nanomaterials and Their Ecotoxicological Impacts

Mehrnoosh Ghadimi, Sasan Zangenehtabar, Shahin Homaeigohar
2020 Water  
Nanomaterials, i.e., those materials which have at least one dimension in the 1–100 nm size range, have produced a new generation of technologies for water purification. This includes nanosized adsorbents, nanomembranes, photocatalysts, etc. On the other hand, their uncontrolled release can potentially endanger biota in various environmental domains such as soil and water systems. In this review, we point out the opportunities created by the use of nanomaterials for water remediation and also
more » ... e adverse effects of such small potential pollutants on the environment. While there is still a large need to further identify the potential hazards of nanomaterials through extensive lab or even field studies, an overview on the current knowledge about the pros and cons of such systems should be helpful for their better implementation.
doi:10.3390/w12041150 fatcat:pbezxneuq5hstk6a47otj5egdy