Implementation of Zhu - Takaoka Algorithm on Web-Based Smartphone Price Comparison Applications

Guidio Leonarde Ginting, Barik Alwin
2019 International Journal of Scientific Research in Science and Technology  
This research is motivated by the rise of online buying and selling sites that provide products that are the same as the price differences at each site, from these problems, the authors provide an option by combining several online buying and selling service sites in one website by comparing smartphone prices with the brands provided namely Samsung, Asus, Sony, Lenovo, Nokia, Apple and Xiaomi. Some trusted online buying and selling sites are able to present a variety of information on consumer
more » ... eeds, one of which is its special price competition in the smartphone buying and selling competition which makes the prices in each site online buying and selling services vary even in the same product. Seeing the conditions that occur, where each item displayed in each site has different prices, then consumers are required to be observant in choosing the items sought. Consumers will choose manually by visiting a site that provides goods as a price comparison. Thus consumers will spend a lot of time just looking for price comparisons of one product offered by each site by accessing sites one by one The zhu-takaoka algorithm is one of the string matching algorithms that can do a word search with many shifts with an array of 2 (two) dimensions. The core process of the zhu-takaoka algorithm is to do a word search with the Right-to-left scan rule technique. Each shift in the word search process determines the shift values in the Good Suffix Shift Rule table and Bad-Charcter Shift Rule. With this algorithm, it is expected to facilitate the user in the search process price comparison.
doi:10.32628/ijsrst196152 fatcat:pg7qa54y7rajjaqyodiry6ryma