Technology and the Evolution of the Human

M. Scott Ruse, Philosophy Documentation Center
2005 Essays in Philosophy  
Philosophy of technology is gaining recognition as an important field of philosophical scrutiny. This essay addresses the import of philosophy of technology in two ways. First, it seeks elucidate the place of technology within ontology, epistemology, and social/political philosophy. I argue technology inhabits an essential place in these fields. The philosophy of Henri Bergson plays a central role in this section. Second, I discuss how modern technology, its further development, and its
more » ... ltural transfer constitute a drive toward a global "hegemony of technology". The crux of the argument is that the technological impulse within humanity insinuates itself into nearly every aspect of human existence. The structures of the state, the economy, and culture, are each framed by this impulse. In the final analysis, it is argued that only a thorough examination of the intimate connection between humanity and technology can lay the foundation for a comprehensive philosophy of human existence.
doi:10.5840/eip20056127 fatcat:57njddqio5bbdn5pt6cuczix5i