The mitochondnal genome of Aspergillus nidulans contains reading frames homologous to the human URFs 1 and 4

T A Brown, R W Davies, J A Ray, R B Waring, C Scazzocchio
1983 EMBO Journal  
A 2830-bp segment of the mitochondrial genome of the fungus Aspergillus nidulans was sequenced and shown to contain two unidentified reading frames (URFs). These reading frames are 352 and 488 codons in length, and would specify unmodified proteins of mol. wts. 39,000 and 54,000, respectively. The derived amino acid sequences indicate that these genes are equivalent to the human mitochondrial URFs 1 and 4, with 39% amino acid homology for URF1 and 26% for URF4. Both URFs were shown by secondary
more » ... structure predictions to code for predominantly beta-sheeted proteins with strong structural conservation between the fungal and human homologues. Counterparts of mammalian URFs have not previously been identified in non-mammalian genomes, and the discovery that A. nidulans possesses reading frames so closely homologous with URF1 and URF4 shows that these genes are of general functional importance in the mitochondria of diverse species.
pmid:11894959 pmcid:PMC555150 fatcat:4pemtmvp2zfzjiqdvwspco5w64