A ocupação da área central pelo comércio ambulante: negociações e produção do espaço urbano [thesis]

Roberta Yoshie Sakai
SAKAI, Roberta Y. The occupation of downtown by street trading, negotiations and production of urban space. Dissertation (Master). Escola de Engenharia de São Carlos, Universidade de São Paulo, São Carlos, 2011. Through the study of the regularized street trading, the research discusses the transformations in the central area influenced by the spatialization of products circuits that constitute the known "popular trade". Each circuit triggers a network of specific relationships which can exist
more » ... n the strictest legality or be linked to smuggling, piracy and counterfeiting. The market of products whose bid is criminalized moves other which transacts "political commodities" -political negotiations converted into monetary values -both in the context of trade rules, as those which regulate the appropriation of the territory. The hypothesis is that the negotiations observed in the spaces of street trading constitute a form of downtown's territory management, which is shared between Public Power and other agents. By continually transiting in illegal's liminality, illicit and informal, they characterize the territory as a "zone of indeterminacy" between right and rightless, law and norm, judge and will. It is addressed taking Campinas as a reference, a regional metropolis located within the state of São Paulo. The organization of workers in public territory occupations -held by the Prefecture since the 1980sresulted in the construction of an ideal about the activity, in which the license's monetary negotiation plays a key role. To understand this process, the regulatory policies adopted from 2001 to 2004 are analyzed specifically, during which the regularization of new territories pervaded the debate on the meanings of downtown's revitalization. The consequences of these policies, as captured in the words of those interviewed from 2005 to 2010, helped to set up a negotiating framework and to identify the complexification of the population which does this activity for a living. The living in the regularized areas between classical dimension and the reconfiguration of street trading -from the current informality role in the process of accumulation -opens new questions for analyzing the "degraded" and "decadent" downtown, locus of the popular trade.
doi:10.11606/d.18.2011.tde-27082012-163631 fatcat:fipdakcuurdynpthtw6wky6way