Technetium-99m in production and use

Jurij Vucina, Nadezda Nikolic, Djokica Petrovic
2009 Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection  
Sev eral types of gen er a tors have been de vel oped for the pro duc tion of 99m Tc. Due to its excelent per for mances, the chro mato graphic type, based on the fis sion-pro duced 99 Mo sorbed in alu mina, is pre dom i nant. Tech ne tium-99m is ob tained in the form of so dium pertechnetate-99m Tc . How ever, due to the known dis ad van tages of the produc tion of (n, f) 99 Mo, at tempts are made to avoid ura nium fis sion. The tech nol o gies based on (n, g) 99 Mo (sub li ma tion, ex trac
more » ... n, gel) are, with the ex cep tion of the gel gen er a tor, of lim ited im por tance. Cer tain nu clear re ac tions in cy clo trons can pro duce 99 Mo (or di rectly 99m Tc) but the ob tained re sults are still not sat is fy ing. Tech netium-99m is used in the form of radiopharmaceuticals which are pre pared by ad di tion of 99m Tc-eluate to the in ac tive com po nents com prised in the "cold" kits. The chromato graphic (n, f) 99 Mo/ 99m Tc gen er a tor and sev eral 99m Tc-radiopharmaceuticals have been de vel oped and are reg u larly pro duced in the Vin~a In sti tute of Nu clear Sci ences (Lab o ra tory for Ra dio iso topes). Key words: tech ne tium-99m, mo lyb de num-99, tech ne tium-99m-gen er a tor, technetium-99m-radiopharmaceuticals 68 Nu clear Tech nol ogy & Ra di a tion Pro tec tion -1/2009 Nu clear Tech nol ogy & Ra di a tion Pro tec tion Tech ni cal pa per
doi:10.2298/ntrp0901068v fatcat:4ealkiwvqba2xbmzgv5lry6xgu