Using Fuzzy Logic Control the Distributed Voltage Control with Electric Springs: Comparison with STATCOM

P Sravan, M Tech
In this paper, a comparisonis made between electric springs (ES) and static compensator (STATCOM). A comparison is made between distributed voltage control using ES againstthe traditional single point control with STATic COMpensator(STATCOM) by using fuzzy logic controller. Here we are using fuzzy logic controller instead of using other controllers. For a given range of supply voltage variation, thetotal reactive capacity required for each option to produce thedesired voltage regulation at the
more » ... regulation at the point of common coupling (PCC) connection is compared.In this paper, it turns out that a group of ESsachieves better total voltage regulation than STATCOM with lessoverall reactive power capacity. Dependence of the ES capabilityon proportion of critical and NC load is also shown. Simulation was done by using MATLAB/Simulink software under various critical and NC loads. A fuzzy logic-based controller is developed to control the voltage of the DC Capacitor. This work presents and compares the performance of the fuzzy-adaptive controller with a conventional fuzzy and PI controller under constant load. The total Harmonic Distortion, Individual harmonic content with respect to % of fundamental in Supply current, source voltage have been analyzed. Index Terms-Demand response, electric springs (ES), STATicCOMpensator (STATCOM), voltage control, voltage regulation, Fuzzy logic controller.