Studying the stress-strain state of a more loaded node of a special device for turn-milling

M. M. Mussayev, K. T. Sherov, T. M. Buzauova, A. K. Rakishev, N. Z. Karsakova, N. B. Abisheva, S. S. Ainabekova
2022 Metalurgija  
This article presents the results of studying the stress-strain state of the intermediate shaft part, which is subjected to high dynamic loads during the operation of a special device for turn-milling. The values and the nature of the stress distribution in the body of the intermediate shaft are determined using a special software package ANSYS Workbench. The scheme of forces acting on the intermediate shaft has been revealed. The calculation is based on the method of determining the von Mises
more » ... ield criterion. It has been established that the maximum value of the voltage and the most critical point occurs at the transition of the steps from the diameter of 25 mm to 30 mm. However, the value of these stresses does not exceed the maximum permissible ones and it can be concluded that the parametric dimensions of the intermediate shaft fully meet the requirements to ensure the quality of the device.
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