Occupational experiences influencing daily satisfaction of community-dwelling older adults

Masayuki Takagi, Nanami Okazaki, Kana Miyawaki, Chihiro Muneta, Peter Bontje
This study explored the occupational experiences influencing the daily satisfaction of community-dwelling older adults. Twenty older adults living in the community agreed to participate in this study. The data were collected through dairies and semi-structured interviews and were analyzed using thematic analysis. Nine themes were identified as the aspects of occupational experiences that influenced the daily satisfaction of the participants : connection/estrangement, affirmation/negation,
more » ... bution/annoyance, effort/laziness, enjoyment/boredom, progress/regress, success/disappointment, acquisition/forfeiture, and recovery/decline. The themes included both positive and negative experiences, which shows the complexity of occupational experiences. These results promote the understanding of older people's occupational experiences and can be used to assist them with increasing positive experiences in their daily lives.
doi:10.32178/jotr.38.6_674 fatcat:dhue5rsewzcavjsbrqszrbnwca