Can date fruits and 7dates replace iron tablets in increasing hemoglobin levels?

Indrayani, Agus Rahmadi, Dava A. Rakhim
2018 Zenodo  
Background. Iron suplement programs, as an approach to overcoming anemia, indicate positive impact although many studies have also noted varying levels of success or even a failure. The known and commonly acknowledged side effect of iron supplements, such as constipation, causes a tendency for patients to stop consuming these supplements. Aim: To examine hemoglobin level and bowel movement differences resulting from an iron suplement program of the government program as well as consumption of
more » ... as consumption of the date fruits, and two common products freely available to the Indonesian consumers. Method. This study is a pilot randomized controlled trial with four groups consist of three treatment groups and one control group. Respondents were anemia adolescent girls with inclusive but not exclusive criteria. 40 respondents were selected using random permutated blocks. Intervention was done for 30 days with weekly assessments. Data analysis used Friedman Test, Wilcoxon Signed Rank and Multiple Linear Regression test. Results. There is a significant hemoglobin difference before and after intervention on the four groups. The differences seen in week 1, 2, 3, then tends to decline. Strong, significant correlation is found in treatment with hemoglobin and defecation duration (week 4) and bowel problems (week 2, 3, 4); feeding frequency and menstruation with hemoglobin (week 1); feeding frequency and defecation duration (week 2); water intake and defecation duration (week 4). Multiple linear regression analysis results in regression equation and participants' prediction towards dependent variables. There is a positive, significant relationship between treatment (week 2, 3) and bowel problems, water intake (week 4) and defecation duration. Conclusion. Dates can be used instead of iron tablets and 7dates can be used as a companion iron tablets.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2587233 fatcat:a63duioqgnecvfs3w6upmc77hm