Image enhancement with wave-equation redatuming: application to GPR data collected at public transportation sites

Lanbo Liu, Kuang He, Xiongyao Xie, Jun Du
2007 Journal of Geophysics and Engineering  
In this paper, we describe the application of wave-equation redatuming through downward and upward continuations of surface ground penetrating radar (GPR) data to image the target beneath a surface layer with geometric or material property heterogeneities. We first tested this technique with the use of a synthetic radar profile generated by the finite difference time domain method to show its effectiveness. We then applied it to the surface GPR data collected in several urban public
more » ... public transportation infrastructure sites including a project to use GPR to assess the quality of mortar consolidation behind a tunnel wall in the Xiangyin highway tunnel, Shanghai, China. The purpose of this redatuming processing is to enhance target images in later times of a GPR profile, by eliminating the contamination in the GPR profile caused by strong diffractive scattering from the steel rebars in the surface concrete slab or tunnel wall. The results for synthetic and observed GPR data show that the wave-equation redatuming technique is an effective way to eliminate unwanted diffraction signatures and ease GPR image interpretation for data collected at a site with a strongly heterogeneous surface layer.
doi:10.1088/1742-2132/4/2/003 fatcat:mvtkvoncvjagrorwjuggawydou