Series of alternating states with unpolarized and spin-polarized bands in dimerizedIrTe2

G. L. Pascut, T. Birol, M. J. Gutmann, J. J. Yang, S.-W. Cheong, K. Haule, V. Kiryukhin
2014 Physical Review B  
A series of states with different densities of stripes of Ir dimers is investigated using x-ray diffraction and density functional theory in layered nonmagnetic metal IrTe 2 . With decreasing temperature, structures with and without inversion symmetry alternate. In noncentrosymmetric states, spin-orbit coupling splits the electronic energy bands into spin-polarized pairs. Factors affecting the stability of the observed dimerized states are established, and it is conjectured that an infinite
more » ... hat an infinite series of alternating states with and without polarized bands is realized in IrTe 2 . Switching dimerized states with different symmetries by changing temperature or strain enables control of band polarization, adding a new tool for spintronics and valleytronics research.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.90.195122 fatcat:iby37gt4p5dhfehiu4dyrtw3lm