Design and experimental study of electrical and mechanical brake for mine hoist

Huawei Jin, Huanyu Huo, Chuanli Wang, Shun Wang, Huwei Xu
2021 Mechanics & Industry  
To meet the requirement of the braking response of the coal mine hoist, a new electromechanical braking technology for mine hoists is proposed, the principle of electromechanical braking of mine hoists is demonstrated, and the detailed parameters and braking performance of electromechanical brakes are given. Index, an electromechanical brake test platform with large load and high response is developed. Experiments show that the maximum positive pressure of the designed electromechanical brake
more » ... aches 33 KN, which meets the requirement of positive pressure of mine hoist. The braking error is less than 10 %, and the braking gap elimination time is less than 0.1 s. There is a linear relationship between motor current input and brake positive pressure output, with a slope of 4.17 and an intercept of 0.62. The screw displacement output and the brake pressure output have a cubic relationship, and the zero error is small. Through research, a new idea is provided for the development of electromechanical brakes for coal mine hoist.
doi:10.1051/meca/2021033 fatcat:6jbfbtrslvdslee5t7bwnmnklm