Direct extraction of one-loop integral coefficients

Darren Forde
2007 Physical Review D  
We present a general procedure for obtaining the coefficients of the scalar bubble and triangle integral functions of one-loop amplitudes. Coefficients are extracted by considering two-particle and triple unitarity cuts of the corresponding bubble and triangle integral functions. After choosing a specific parameterisation of the cut loop momentum we can uniquely identify the coefficients of the desired integral functions simply by examining the behaviour of the cut integrand as the
more » ... as the unconstrained parameters of the cut loop momentum approach infinity. In this way we can produce compact forms for scalar integral coefficients. Applications of this method are presented for both QCD and electroweak processes, including an alternative form for the recently computed three-mass triangle coefficient in the six-photon amplitude $A_6(1^-,2^+,3^-,4^+,5^-,6^+)$. The direct nature of this extraction procedure allows for a very straightforward automation of the procedure.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.75.125019 fatcat:5ypoowi4tbbyfeyztwywy7pqom