1908 Journal of the American Medical Association  
4. After demonstrating the organism in a primary lesion it is not only unnecessary but harmful to wait for secondary manifestations. The most logical therapy is excision of the chancre when possible, and in a/I cases the immediate institution of the vigorous antisyphilitic treatment. In conclusion we wish to call attention to the great value of the dark ground illuminator for the demonstration of the Spirochwta pallida and to emphasize the necessity and value of the demonstration of the
more » ... tion of the spirochete in the diagnosis and treatment of syphilis where there are accessible lesions. In suspected cases with no lesions and in cases in which there are cutaneous lesions, in which we fail to find the spirochete, we have found the Wassermann serum diagnosis of great value. As it is, these two procedures practically give us control of the diagnosis of syphilis, and it is to be hoped that the near future will give us a reliable method of detecting syphilitic antigen and thus furnish us with an absolute method of saying when the disease is cured.
doi:10.1001/jama.1908.25410230019001e fatcat:sipgbiwa3jgopaspxylzbxheui