Correlation between plasma pinch intensity, current sheath symmetry, and HXR yield by APF plasma focus device

Reza Amrollahi, Morteza Habibi, Shiva Shahshenas
2009 Plasma devices and operations (Print)  
In this paper we studied the effect of plasma current sheath symmetry on pinched plasma intensity in Amirkabir Mather type plasma focus (APF) facility (16kV, 36µf, and 115nH) by the three magnetic probes spaced equally around the periphery of the outer electrode at the heights of z 1 =4.3 cm and z 2 =6.3cm from the cathode collector plate. The arrival times of current sheath reaching to the probes and also the signal of current discharge recorded simultaneously on a four channel 100MHz PC based
more » ... oscilloscope. Simulated trajectory, velocity and intensity of current sheath compared with the experimental results when Argon puffed into the chamber. There was a good accordance among plasma current sheath symmetry in the axial acceleration phase of plasma focus performance and intensity of pinched plasma current in the radial phase of current sheath. Velocity of current sheath examined experimentally and compared with the simulation result.
doi:10.1080/10519990802646104 fatcat:wjmdxaqkjvennlyr472s7gv7iu