The Exploration of Feminine Psyche in Namita Gokhale's Gods, Graves & Grandmother and A Himalayan Love Story

R Kaleeswari, R Kaleeswari, Namita Gokhale
2017 Approved List of Journals Serial Number   unpublished
Courtesy: Abstract Namita Gokhale is a contemporary writer of Indian Writing in English. Her novels deal with the experiences of women, their aims, concern, demands, sensibility and consciousness. In Gods, Graves & Grandmother, Gokhale creates a female space which her women occupy with dignity, confidence and feeling of self-worth. Through the relationship of Shambhu-Phoolwati confirms the 'New Woman image'.
more » ... ew Woman image'. Phoolwati was kicking her husband Shambhu when he drunk and tried to beat her marks a reversal of the patriarchal norm of wife-beating. Gokhale's third novel A Himalayan Love Story deconstructs the stereotypical confines of sexual boundaries by exploring an identity of a woman. It is a well-known fact that sexual