Integrated control of automobile ABS/DYC/AFS for improving braking performance and stability

Chong Feng, Nenggen Ding, Yongling He, Wen Chen
2015 International Journal of Vehicle Design  
Braking control on a µ-split road is not an easy task. An integrated control (ITC) algorithm is proposed by combining antilock braking system (ABS), direct yaw-moment control (DYC) and active front steering (AFS). The algorithm is intended for maximising the utilisation of road friction while maintaining directional stability of a vehicle during emergency braking on a µ-split road. A three-layer hierarchical control architecture is developed for the ITC. The upper-layer controller is used for
more » ... oller is used for DYC to generate a desired yaw moment, allocation of the moment to ABS and AFS is handled by the intermediate-layer controller, and two control algorithms are designed at the lower-layer for ABS and AFS, respectively. The performance of the ITC is compared with a modified independent control (MIC) algorithm via hardwarein-the-loop (HIL) simulations. The results show that the braking performance and stability of the vehicle are improved by employing the ITC algorithm.
doi:10.1504/ijvd.2015.069469 fatcat:kqykls6v4zfbdmqkwkmsyiy4sy