Systematic Approach to Arowana Gender Identification Problem using Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving (ARIZ)

Trizit Benjaboonyazit
2014 Engineering Journal  
This paper presents a systematic approach to arowana gender identification problem using algorithm of inventive problem solving (ARIZ). Arowana is a beautiful and expensive fish. Many farms try to improve their efficiency in breeding arowana, but the problem is that arowana is monomorphic, which makes it difficult to distinguish male from female just from their appearance. This causes difficulties in mating and selling of arowana. Many trial-and-error methods have been used with little success.
more » ... The problem of arowana gender identification cannot be solved easily with the psychological methods such as brainstorming or trial and error, it needs a more logical and well-structured method of problem solving. In this paper, ARIZ is used to systematically analyze the problem and search for possibilities to identify the gender of arowana step by step, and finally, among 32 ideas generated, some potential solutions have been evaluated and compared with the commonly used methods with satisfactory results which demonstrate the effectiveness of ARIZ as a powerful innovative problem solving tool.
doi:10.4186/ej.2014.18.2.13 fatcat:ovwqxjaz3rci7kvdjgonkhk5te