Cryogenic CO2 capture in natural gas

Allan Hart, Nimalan Gnanendran
2009 Energy Procedia  
Increasing world energy demand and pricing trends have encouraged oil and gas companies to look at developing contaminated natural gas fields previously deemed uneconomic. At the same time, world wide perceptions on climate change are pressuring energy companies to adopt global best practices to reduce carbon emissions. Developing currently unviable contaminated natural gas fields requires developing new technologies for high CO 2 gas treatment. Current technologies available in the market for
more » ... atural gas treating may not be ideally suitable for treating highly contaminated natural gas where CO 2 geo-sequestration is required. Use of physical and chemical absorption solvents have been the most popular method for treating natural gas with high CO 2 , and to a lesser extent, membranes and adsorption methods. These technologies remove CO 2 at near ambient pressures thus requiring substantial amount of compression to levels needed for geo-sequestration. Cryogenic CO 2 removal methods can capture CO 2 in a liquid form thus making it relatively easy to pump underground for storage or send for enhanced oil recovery. This new cryogenic CO 2 removal method has been researched and tested in a demonstration plant and is soon to be implemented in commercial field applications. This paper intends to share recent field experience and test results from Cool Energy's CryoCell ® demonstration plant in Western Australia. The CryoCell ® process was developed by Cool Energy Ltd and tested in collaboration with other industrial partners including Shell Global Solutions. This presentation will also discuss and compare existing CO 2 treatment technologies for developing high CO 2 natural gas fields requiring CO 2 geo-sequestration with the CryoCell ® CO 2 capture process. Basic economic comparisons between the CryoCell ® process and an amine based process including CO 2 geosequestration will be presented.
doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2009.01.092 fatcat:tewapceue5bbxmp735jmbkoiea