Optimization of the sales flow of dairy products at retail

2020 International journal of developmental research  
The work presents a study that aims to analyze certain products in a company in the commercial branch of dairy products of animal origin. Analyzes will be carried out on the sliced cheese products, the butter jar and the chocolate drink, as they present more critical problems in relation to the recipe. Through the analysis of these products, there will be a demonstration of results in the verification of their quality. To make a study with better sales rates, we will use some tools used in the
more » ... tools used in the classroom. The quality tools, Ishikawa diagram, Pareto diagram and 5W will be used, as they will determine the causes of the problem of the low revenue of these products. In addition, process flow mapping will be used to describe how the sales sector approach is effect. With this, the study seeks to present a proposal for improvement in increasing the percentage of revenue of this company and the popularization of these certain products in the market, in addition to bonus its employees through the fulfillment of goals that will be established.
doi:10.37118/ijdr.18909.05.2020 fatcat:7sln233v5nayrb2g2q3gqnqxi4