Optimization for Placement of FCL in Distribution System by Voltage Controlled Method

P Sridhar, V Naga Smitha, B Singh, Rtd Gm
Due to rapid growth of loads in a distribution system and more network connections, high current flows in the event of short circuit faults in the system. In such cases, the relay coordination is disturbed and hence the equipment like circuit breakers needs to be enhanced in ratings perspective. So the relay can handle the new operating currents which are often expensive retrofit costs. The line impedance is kept normally low to accommodate more number of loads and distributed generator (DG)
more » ... d generator (DG) units to the existing system. This configuration allows very huge current in the system whenever short circuit takes place. Hence to limit such currents, a technique is required to adopt. The fault current can be reduced to acceptable value in coordination with existing protection system by fault current limiter. In this paper, the operation of Fault Current Limiter (FCL) with voltage sensing scheme is discussed to place it in a typical distribution system to place FCL is very important in connection with the system complexity. Separate program is developed in Electromagnetic Transient Program (EMTP) to place FCL more optimally. An IEEE 6 bus system has been considered for fault analysis and placement of FCL to reduce the impact of fault.