Isolation and Characterization of Two Rare Mucoralean Species with Specific Habitats [post]

Seo Hee Lee, Thuong T. T. Nguyen, Hyang Burm Lee
2018 unpublished
The order Mucorales, the largest in number of species within the Mucoromycotina, comprises typically fast-growing saprotrophic fungi. During a study of the fungal diversity of undiscovered taxa in Korea, two novel mucoralean strains, CNUFC-GWD3-9 and CNUFC-EGF1-4, were isolated from specific habitats including freshwater and fecal samples, respectively, in Korea. On the basis of their morphological characteristics and sequence analyses of internal transcribed spacer (ITS) and large subunit
more » ... of 28S ribosomal DNA regions, the CNUFC-GWD3-9 and CNUFC-EGF1-4 isolates were confirmed to be Gilbertella persicaria and Pilobolus crystallinus, respectively. It is ecologically, pathologically and mycologically significant to find such rare zygomycetous fungi in such specific habitats. 
doi:10.20944/preprints201803.0204.v2 fatcat:7s4q63dddrblfkfuxsnj7mvf4i