An Energy Efficient, High Speed Content Addressable Memory Using MSML Scheme

N Student
2017 International Journal of Advanced Research Methodology in Engineering & Technology, Special Issue   unpublished
Content Addressable Memory is a storage unit built on hardware. It is majorly used in internet routers to access fast look up tables. This paper implemented the content addressable memory using Master-Slave Match Line architecture. In the Master-Slave configuration, the CAM word is divided into number of segments. Each segment is provided with an additional slave match lines along with one Master Match Line. Using MSML, the power consumption across the Match Line is reduced. Finally, 128x8 CAM
more » ... emory is implemented. The CAM array is tested for different possible cases. When the data is given to the CAM array, it is searched simultaneously in the entire memory. The simulation results show that the MSML design with the best configuration can reduce the ML energy consumption by range 7%-57%, which increases with the word size. In addition, we further propose a modified CAM cell to facilitate the MSML match performance, i.e., MSML hp design, which can even result in 28% and 69% energy-delay product improvement compared with the original MSML and traditional CAM designs in the 128-bit word size case. Keywords-Content-addressable memory (CAM), Low-power, Master-slave architecture, Match line (ML).