Micromagnetic simulations of first-order reversal curves in nanowire arrays using MuMax3

R. G. Eimerl, K. S. Muster, R. Heindl
2019 AIP Advances  
We perform simulations of magnetic reversal in a 3 × 3 array of nanowires using MuMax3 micromagnetic simulation program. We record a series of first-order reversal curves (FORCs) that form distinct branches of ascending minor curves depending on the initial magnetization state. We calculate the FORC distribution, which shows 9 positive primary peaks, representing single reversals of the 9 simulated nanowires. The primary peaks form an interaction field distribution (IFD), a common feature in
more » ... ommon feature in experimental FORC distributions due to demagnetizing interactions. The FORC distribution also contains positive and negative secondary peaks due to differing magnetization during reversal. We demonstrate the use of MuMax3 simulations to relate FORC distribution features to visualized magnetic configurations.
doi:10.1063/1.5129954 fatcat:2tv7z5ej6rerpe7ehblv6tojae