Multimedia: where are we now and where do we go from here?

James M. Kieley
1996 Behavoir research methods, instruments & computers  
This paper comments on the current state and future role of computer-based multimedia in psychology instruction. It includes practical tips on getting started with successful multimedia production. It also introduces a new World-Wide Web site archiving this information as well as other useful multimedia production and teaching resources. There is empirical evidence to support the claim that properly constructed multimedia materials can be an aid in many instructional situations (Large, 1994) .
more » ... his paper will discuss how the deployment of digital multimedia in the psychology classroom has been impeded in the past and present solutions that may serve as a road map for aspiring multimedia producers in the future. Currently, there is no adequate information describing how, and the extent to which, multimedia is being used by teaching psychologists. This is unfortunate. Multimediabased instruction has surely had successes and failures. Successes are usually only known by the limited number of students who have sat through a given class and perhaps by a fortunate few colleagues who have seen an innovative demonstration presented at a conference or who have attended a workshop. Word of failed attempts at fully exploiting the capabilities of multimedia may be more familiar. Specific examples of substandard efforts are rarely identified or analyzed in detail. Too often people who have had bad experiences either in attempting to produce their own multimedia presentation or in viewing a piece produced by someone else entirely dismiss the potential instructional benefits. Multimedia, like any other teaching tool, can be misapplied as filler activity that shifts focus from important course content. However, it can also be properly used and provide students with a rich form of information input they could not otherwise experience.
doi:10.3758/bf03204786 fatcat:nncc7ywzifhvlawavp4d7qyu34