Toward terabyte two-photon 3D disk

Ed Walker, Alexander Dvornikov, Ken Coblentz, Sadik Esener, Peter Rentzepis
2007 Optics Express  
253GB have been recorded in 300 layers inside the volume of one of our two-photon 3D disks. Each layer contains the equivalent of CD layer bit-densities recorded with a 0.5NA objective lens. A new 1.0NA lens with the desirable first order optical properties of long working distance and small diameter, 1.2mm and 4.5mm, and a self-compensating spherical aberration correction mechanism is designed, manufactured and integrated into our single beam two-photon 3D automated recording system.
more » ... al data obtained with the 1.0NA lens are presented. The resulting bit densities obtained with our new high-performance liquid immersion singlet (LIS) objective lens indicate that our system is capable of full disk recordings from 0.5 to 1 TB within a standard optical disk form factor of 120mm x 1.2mm thick utilizing our very stable and efficient materials. A compact optical head based on our new objective lens capable of TB storage is described.
doi:10.1364/oe.15.012264 pmid:19547595 fatcat:gvbln6zp7ngdlkl6pr2i4zmldu