The One Phase Stefan Problem by Galarkin's Method

Y Furuya
The heat transfer of solid with phase change is treated. The problem is one phase problem that is the melted portion is immediately removed. The Galarkin's method is used for this purpose. And numerical calculation is done by the personal computer. § I. Introduction. The Stefan problem; the heat conduction in solid with phase change are investigated by B. Boley. The model is the solid that the melted portion is immediatly removed that is to say one phase problem. He evaluated this by use of
more » ... this by use of immaginary heat sourse and formulate the integra differential equation. The numerical procedure is very difficulty. Then we try to analyze this problem by use of Galarkin's method. The initial temperature distribution is parabolic. The numerical calculation is done by the personal computer of MULTI 16 type. § 2. Basic Equation of Stefan Problem of One Phase. As an example the problem of a melting slab may be considered. Take a slab of thickness L, occupying the region 0 < x< L, insulated at x = L, exposed to a prescribed heat input Q(t) at x= 0 and initially at parabolic temperature dustribution, 8 = (L-xi.