Author Index Volume 7 (1999)

1999 Technology and Health Care  
Design of an intramedullary leg lengthening device with a shape memory actuator (6) 461-467 Aisen, M.L., see Krebs, H.I. (6) 419-423 Alexopoulos, V., S. Kollias, P. Leger, H. Boccalon and Z. Csiki, Higher-order spectral analysis in laser-Doppler flowmetry signal processing (2,3) 85-101 Arnold, M., H. Witte, P. Leger, H. Boccalon, S. Bertuglia and A. Colantuoni, Time-variant spectral analysis of LDF signals on the basis of multivariate autoregressive modelling (2,3) 103-112 0928-7329/99/$8.00
doi:10.3233/thc-1999-7614 fatcat:luwwcwuesvcixfpvqusjpqpebm