Elastic constants of Ti-15Mo single crystals and their evolution with thermal treatment

M. Janovskaa, J. Nejezchlebova, P. Sedlak, T. Grabec, P. Stoklasova, J. Smilauerova, M. Janecek, S. Kratky, H. Seiner, P. Villechaise, B. Appolaire, P. Castany (+16 others)
2020 MATEC Web of Conferences  
Elastic constants of single crystals of metastable β-phase of the Ti-15Mo alloy were studied by ultrasonic methods with the aim to observe the dependence of these constants on formation of isothermal ω particles. Two ultrasonic methods were applied: resonant ultrasound spectroscopy for monitoring the temperature evolution of the elastic constants, and transient grating spectroscopy for identification of the local material symmetry at a fixed temperature. Samples with different heat treatments
more » ... sothermal ageing at 300 °C and ageing under the same temperature with uniaxial [111] loading) were studied. The results prove that the isothermal omega particles always exactly follow the original cubic symmetry of the β matrix, and that the evolutions of the elastic constants of the β-ω multi-phase crystals can be reliably approximated using Hill's homogenizing procedure, assuming cubic elastic constants of the β-phase and isotropic elastic constants representing the ω particles.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/202032112012 fatcat:fvpbp2jvgvajvmpb265lg3ljrq