URLs in the OPAC: comparative reflections on US vs UK practice

Nicholas Joint
2007 Library Review  
son of Gaia (whose name means 'land' or 'earth'), Antaeus was undefeatable in combat so long as he remained in contact with the earth. Once grounded by contact with the soil, he vanquished all opponents. However, in order to disempower Antaeus, Heracles simply lifted him from the earth, overcoming him totally. Thus, many times through the centuries, Antaeus has been used as a symbolic figure showing how any human aspiration must remain grounded in order to succeed. LIS research must therefore
more » ... ch must therefore retain its contact with the 'ground' of everyday practice in order to fulfil its potential as a sophisticated research discipline -it must remain empowered by its relevance to practitioners. URLS in the OPAC: comparative reflections on US versus UK practice. Abstract Purpose of this paper To examine whether placing URLs into library opacs has been an effective way of enhancing the role of the catalogue for the contemporary library user. Design/methodology/approach A brief review of the literature combined with an analysis of publicly available statistics for library use in the US and the UK. Findings That certain ways of placing URLs into the opac are loosely associated with a successful library environment, i.e., with constant or increasing levels of stock circulation and opac use, while other forms of hyper-linking opac records are loosely associated with declining levels of library use. Research limitations/ Implications The loose association between different opac management practices and apparent statistical trends of library use could be investigated in greater depth by further subsequent research, but along the lines and methodology suggested herein. Practical implications Firm suggestions on how to place and manage URLs in the online catalogue are made.
doi:10.1108/00242530710735957 fatcat:hpqfzyulsjahdchuyo4df6z6au